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How to apply for Visa


Please, note that processing of visa application for non Scandinavian citizens through our company is just available for persons with work or residence permit in Norway ( or for students studying in Norway).

To apply for Visa through us we need the following:

  1. Visa application form signed*. Must be filled out eletronical. Please follow the link:
  2. customer form filled out and signed.
  3. Original passport (valid 6 months after leaving Russia)
  4. copy of travel incusrance policy
  5. residents permitt
  6. One passport photo *
  7. invitation letter (only if you are not applying for a tourist visa)

* citizens of USA, Australia, GB and Canada have to sent 2 exemplares of visa application form and 2 passport photos!

All documents are to be sent by mail to: Pasvikturist AS, Postboks 157, NO-9915 Kirkenes
Follow the link above, fill out the form, print and sign. Send it to Pasvikturist.
One form for each applicant.
Print customer form.
If several persons are sending applications in same envelope, only one customer form is necessary.

Click images to open forms.

You can not make a photo copy of form, needs to be printed each time.

Please note if form is not completely filled out, or photo not in compliance with specifications may result in rejected application or higher cost.



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